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  • Social Service
  • Intellectual Skills Development
  • Humanist Education
  • Internships
  • Entrepreneurs Program

Edificio Académico-Administrativo, planta baja
Horario de atención: Lunes a Viernes de 8:00 a 15:30 hrs
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Manage and implement activities that promote the development of intellectual skills students UAA undergraduate level in different areas of reasoning ( logical, mathematical , verbal , ethical , etc.) whose additional benefit to the practice of these skills is reflected in obtaining Humanist Education credits by the student , thus promoting the culture of analytical thinking and reasonable.Currently working on the development of " Platform DHIgital " consultation space for students who want to practice different skills through problem solving in different areas of reasoning.Making institutional activities and events that will address issues of intellectual development as a tool for optimal growth elementary academic, personal and professional future of students.Offer workshops through Institutional Training Program Humanist and preparatory courses for students of the undergraduate level UAA ( degrees and engineering ) on issues related to the development of intellectual skills.
We are the program that designs and implements environmental actions inside and outside of the Autonomous University of Aguascalientes, we adopt the values of sustainability and integrate the functions of our institution, educate, connect, extend and disseminate. Promoting a culture of environmental practice in university society, we are men and women of integrity, committed to the community and the good of life in all its manifestations.We look forward to 2015
Being the most influential body in the greening of the Autonomous University of Aguascalientes, with defined workflows that integrate sustainability values and create a participatory and comprehensive environmental culture, focusing on the professional training of graduates and society in general .

This program aims to assist students to develop personal awareness, social and natural to give you a new meaning to their way of being and living in this historic moment of his life, and contribute responsibly and purposefully to enhance your environment from its relevance, entrepreneurial and ethical performance.

Internships are an opportunity for students to come into contact with the work environment, develop their skills and reinforce their knowledge. The purpose of conducting the Professional Practices is to contribute to the training of students can interact with their environment by acting as agents of change from a humanistic, critical, sense of adaptation and innovation in line with the lessons learned in academia through of genuine link with the social and productive sectors.Similarly with the internship students will present their capabilities and performance as coming professionals, linked to its graduate profile, generate leads for their future and participate in solving real problems. All this is supported by the Autonomous University of Aguascalientes.

The program aims to assist in the formation of undergraduate level through learning a foreign language to facilitate their integration into the labor, cultural, academic, social and economic life building capacity to respond to the various contexts in which they operate.



Awakening and develop entrepreneurship, contributing to the promotion of entrepreneurial culture among students of the UAA, and their potential as creative, innovative and concerned to improve their environment, providing the tools necessary for the university to be able to create new projects that meet the needs of society in which they live and perform.The program is a space Entrepreneurs Department of Integral Training Support, General Directorate of Undergraduate Education Service, where students of any race of the University have the opportunity to awaken and develop their entrepreneurial spirit and their potential as creative people, innovative and concerned to improve their environment through the creation of projects that meet needs of their environment, within an organization or outside it, creating new business."Being an entrepreneur is a personal attitude, work and lifestyle, is to face what comes your way and overcome with a positive attitude and leadership."
Support the formation of the student in the university creating a sense of awareness to benefit the most vulnerable social sectors, through the encounter with reality, to offer alternative solutions to the various problems and thus give back to society the benefits of she received.This activity aims to put students in touch with social reality that repays in service to society so received education benefits, helping to improve the social sectors less benefit from economic development.Academic centers supported by a general coordination of social service program that is in the Department of Comprehensive Training Support. Each center has a coordinator, and each race a guardian of Social Service, whose role is to promote, guide, guide, accompany, answer questions, give advice and support to the student during the course of their social service. The social services can be performed from the second half if it is a community project, in case the project is not of this kind may begin until the fifth semester and third semester undergraduate level for higher technical level. Note that to start the service must be credited to the Induction Seminar Social Service. Social service center in Biomedical Sciences is made to finish the career. The Social Service should be performed with an unselfish spirit and always looking to help the most vulnerable sectors, through the effective and responsible than 500 hours by the student, in actions to assist those most in need, participating in projects duly approved.

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