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From a creative, dynamic and proactive analytical, contribute to the formation of free men and women and committed to the community, offering quality coordinated services in support of the school career of the student, enabling them to complete their training in a timely manner relevant and comprehensive. Generating strategies to strengthen their development and collaboration with academic centers. Always acting under the principles Philosophical Institutional Framework and accurate knowledge of the student's situation, generating information to assist decision making relevant. All in order to help fulfill the university mission, for the good of society.


To be a dynamic and integrated management with defined work processes that allow interaction between different areas, constantly improving and updating, based on the principles of relevance, relevance and impact, with the central axis to the student and the diversity of situations that is, helping to strengthen the institution and always looking for a benefit to society.


1. Offering a job focused care and service to students under a humanist principle, equitable, efficient, timely and quality. 2. Conduct an effective administration, transparent and modern, according to institutional quality objectives. 3. Generate statistical information and history, accurate and timely school history and situation of the students. 4. To systematically assess the impact of educational services offered by management. 5. Contribute to the development of a longitudinal Guardian profile, according to the institutional objectives of educational quality. 6. Stretch, strengthen and reassess sports and physical culture among the student population. 7. Maintaining the quality of Bibliographic Information Center and increase it to international standards. 8. To expand, modernize and streamline the student loan service and grants scholarships students.

Organization Chart

Edificio Académico y Administrativo Planta Baja

Edificio Académico Administrativo, Planta Baja. Tel. +52 (449) 910 92 63
Ave. Universidad Núm. 940, Cd. Universitaria,
C.P. 20131 Aguascalientes, Ags., México.
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Av. Universidad # 940, Ciudad Universitaria, C. P. 20131, Aguascalientes, Ags. MÉXICO. Tel. Conmutador: +52 (449) 910 74 00