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General Information

The psychology counseling is a process of helping to provide you with the educational counselors, through which you know aspects about yourself, improve your relationships, you learn behaviors and strategies to prepare your personal, academic and professional development by developing your project life and decision-making.

Aim to guide program and supports the comprehensive training of students from admission to the University until discharge, through actions to their personal, academic and professional in order to facilitate their integration into the labor market development.



Edificio 214 Tel. +52 (449) 910 92 63
Ave. Universidad Núm. 940, Cd. Universitaria,
C.P. 20131 Aguascalientes, Ags., México.
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During the months of February or May, courses for students who graduate from high school offered, have a duration of fifteen hours in which, are held several actions to help you identify your career profile, as interests skills, values ??and preferences as well as introduce you to the wide range of careers

Material Profesiographic 

It has a collection of guides careers of some institutions of higher education in the country, along with the support of internet access is possible immediately or this kind of information. 

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  Universidad Autónoma de Aguascalientes



Catálogo de Servicios que ofrece la UAA

  Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

  Universidad de Guadalajara

  Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Occidente

  Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana

  Universia México - Red de Universidades

  Observatorio Laboral

  Instituto Tecnológico de Aguascalientes

  Tecnológico de Monterrey (campus Aguascalientes)

  Universidad Panamericana campus Bonaterra

  Universidad Cuauhtémoc

  Universidad la Concordia

  Universidad de Estudios Avanzados (UNEA)

  Universidad del Valle de México

  Universidad Interamericana para el Desarrollo (UNID)

  Universidad Politécnica de Aguascalientes

  Universidad Tecnológica de Aguascalientes

  Universidad Tecnológica del  Norte de Aguascalientes


It has PROFESSIONS book that is published annually with the goal of providing a complete and updated on career choices and university technicians available to the Autonomous University of Aguascalientes. 

Special programs that address various topics related to educational guidance are transmitted through Radio Universidad, located in the 94.5 FM band. 

Request for Services 
The care is free, will only be required to make an appointment in the area of ??Educational Guidance, located in Building CUSE PB of University City or call telephone 910 74 37-38 between the hours of 8:00 to 15:30 hrs . Monday through Friday. 

Educational counselors

M.E.F. Raquel Macías
M.E.F. Ana Ma. Medina
Apoyo Secretarial - Angélica Atilano
MEF. Jorge Armando Bernal

Institutional ProgramTutorials

For U.A.A. mentoring is an educational service, based on the institution's educational model, which involves a comprehensive educational strategy training for students, in order to support and guide them in their process of personal development and encourage the development of skills to achieve better learning how their discipline.

So, is aimed at strengthening the capacities, strengthen the learning process and encourage the personal development of students. (Institutional Tutoring Program. UAA 2003, p. 34).

Mentoring is a close and continuous between the student and the teacher, in order to contribute to their comprehensive training and knowledge building, and influence and in decreasing dropout rates, failure and delay, and achieve successful completion of specific educational program.



To ensure compliance with the purposes of the tutorial, the following objectives are proposed:

1. Help raise the comprehensive quality of the training in the field of construction of values, attitudes, habits and promoting the development of intellectual skills in students.

2. Revitalising teaching practice through greater proximity and dialogue between teachers and students, from the knowledge of the problems and concerns of young people, generate alternative care that affect the integrity of their professional and personal.

3. Contribute to the reduction of dropout rates and lag, promote social interaction as individuals with a comprehensive education.

4. Directly and indirectly influence school performance of students, to achieve the objectives of the educational process.

5. To help improve the circumstances or conditions of student learning through analysis of the data generated in the tutorial process.

6. Feedback to the institution in the process of educational practice (teaching, learning and training) from the results of the tutorial.

(PIT, UAA, 2003 p. 35).


What do we offer?

Institutional Advisors Tutoring Program establish within our core activities, and treasury support to class teachers, the academic department heads and especially to the students as the main actors of the learning process, and are based on the MODEL INSTITUTIONAL EDUCATION.

As for academic department heads, orient them on the criteria for appointing teachers as tutors, mentioning the profile and characteristics that must have a professor for mentoring roles also inform aspects to consider in assessing semiannually them, a prerequisite in the evaluation for granting scholarships and other support to the performance that the institution offers.


Class teachers can come to this area to be trained as to the activities that are proper as a guide for students, we provide the basic elements for the development of its Action Plan Tutorial (PAT). Also they provide recommendations thereon and revising the Final Report of the PAT.

Are offered through the Academic Unit of Teachers (UFAP), training in aspects of teacher-tutors tutoring in intensive and extensive arrangements, which grant academic credit.

Students have a number of support by the Institutional Program Tutoring (PIT), which range from a 50-minute talk, which addressed various issues in personal and academic areas, also have short workshops that tailored to the needs of the group and may also be in the areas mentioned, in agreement with the PIT.

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